wave washer

Wave Washer

Wave Washers have a continuous outer edges to prevent backlash in assemblies. SSI Wave Washers are installed in bearing housings and works by maintaining force and compensating axial tolerances up to 1.5mm thereby ensuring smooth and quiet running. Wave Washers are generally made in High Carbon Spring Steel as per EN10132-4 Standard and Stainless Steel grades. Typical devices where Wave Washers are used are Motors, Gearboxes or Speed-reducers, Connectors etc.

Wave washers have a curvilinear shape and can be produced using different unrefined substances springs prepares, tempered steels, and copper. The wave plans of the wave washers offset the spring’s power and this is finished by avoiding the heaps and acting as a spring. The wave washer’s spring is a preload between two surfaces.

Spring Rate

  • The spring’s rate produced in the wave washers is equivalent to the quantities of wave in the springs plans raised to the fourth power. In light of the necessities, the quantities of waves made in the springs can change.
  • The spring’s rate demonstrates the limit of the washers while describing the connections between the applied burdens and the diversions of the washers. With the expansion in the quantities of waves in the washers plans its ability increment. The limit of the wave washer relies upon its thickness. An expansion in thickness will build the heaps limit and decline the springs rates.
  • Wave washer can be stacked to diminish the springs rate and increment the group’s diversions in the stacks. Wave washers show a direct spring’s diversions highlight and can be utilized to accomplish maximums redirections of 80%.

Types Of Wave Washers

Single-turn wave washer:

This wave washer plan contains solitary waves in it. Single turn wave washers ought to be isolated by a shim to create a peak-to-peak wave spring.

Multi-turn Wave Washer:

This waves washer is merchandise to be utilized to limit the utilization of axial spaces and is suitable for applications requiring large avoidance and small springs rates.

Nested wave washers:

Nested waves washers are reasonable for circumstances with a requirement for high and exact spring’s powers.


The applied burden is the pressure, causing a few measures of strain in the washers. The pivotal strain is an element of the heaps, alluded to as redirections, and portrayed by a springs rates.

Applications Of Wave Washer

Shock Absorbers

Wave washer ingest stuns or keep up with the heaps. Wave washers are ordinarily utilized as pad spacers between parts on the shaft. They are additionally generally utilized in smartwatches, home apparatuses, as a compensator, safeguards, metal balls, as an expense saving substitution to plate spring, and so on

Preload Bearings

Single turn wave washers are merchandise for bearing preloads for medium power and short diversions. These are the best burden-bearing washers accessible that assist in the functioning of metal rollers, work on the presentation of a metal ball, and stretch its life.

Compensators for Dimensional Variations

Wave washers can support operational disparities of machines and go about as a compensator for these machines forestalling any unwanted vibration or unwanted development occurring because of misalignment.

Keeps the machine parts together

When utilized with fastener and screw, wave washer help in forestalling any deficiency of erosions that can bring about pieces getting unattached or dropping out.

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